Wet Weather Policy

Your beach volleyball class, squad or league maybe cancelled due to bad weather.

What happens if I think it might be raining?

When will I know whether my session is canceled or not?

We are making weather calls normally 75-90min (latest 60min) in advance for day sessions and 45-60min advance for early morning squads.

Where can I find the call for the day?

We are publishing the call on our Facebook groups (Manly & Maroubra) and on our homepage. On top of that, you will receive an email in case we do decide to cancel. If you are unsure whether your session is canceled or not, please call 1300-865-539.

Under what conditions will we cancel?

We monitor the weather radar on the Internet to check the intensity and likely path of any incoming rain. As a guide, if the rain is intermittent and not too heavy we will continue with the classes - once you are warm you won't even notice it!

If the radar shows heavy or dangerous conditions, then we will most likely cancel, especially if there is a thunder storm warning, which could pose a danger to players and staff.

Please note, we are trying our best to make the right call, sometimes a dangerous cloud is missing us by a few kilometers and we had canceled, sometimes we call it on and we get more wet than expected. If you do know, you don't like to play in wet conditions, please withdraw 12h in advance and don't just decide not to turn up on the day.

What happens if my session got canceled?

Beginner players: We will reschedule your session by one week, which basically extends your course by one week
Squad players: If you are on credits, you will get your credits back automatically, in case you are on membership a refund is not provided.

Please remember: Overall, our main goal is to run as many classes as possible while offering an enjoyable experience for our players, making sure our equipment is not getting damaged and most importantly ensuring we can all train in a safe environment.



        A little rain is good for you!