Our Management

General Manager & Head Coach Maroubra

Gregor Salvin is the heart of beachvolleyball.com.au - he lives and breathes volleyball. As a passsionate indoor volleyball player, having played indoor in the Sydney League and Australian Volleyball League, he turned his focus to beach volleyball and took over the Sydney Beach Volleyball School to make the most of the Australian lifestyle on the beaches of Sydney.

Gregor took ownership in 2013, since then he has made big changes and grown beachvolleyball.com.au to make it more accessible across the Sydney region. 

Orginally from Scotland and now an honorary Australian this funny talented beach volleyball player is the person that does all the hard work on and off the sand to keep you on the sand, involved in this great sport.


Venue Manager & Head Coach Manly

Michaela is everything and much more in her position as the manager of the Manly Beach, Northern Beaches Location. Her life and passion is beach volleyball and she is forever doing what she can to ensure that her coaches, staff and players are happy.

Creating good vibes and atmosphere  to the Manly location, she has brought her influence of being a top defensive Czech beach volleyball player into the beach volleyball community. This has been  through beachvolleyball.com.au and as a top competitor in Manly and on the national and internationally. Throughout her career she has received top results internationally on the FIVB World Tour and in Australia.

It is Michaela that you will most likely be in contact with if you are keen to get on the sand at Manly. Her hope is that you will love beach volleyball as much as her and her fellow coaches do. Ask her for defensive tips, she is 'The Master'.


Venue Manager & Head Coach Maroubra

Sarah is the heart and the brain at Maroubra and nowadays Misa's right hand at Manly. Her talents and her "German efficiency" gave her the manager position assisting Gregor with building a close community, that is special for those that are on the sandy shores of Maroubra.

Sarah's experience as a beach volleyball player on state and national tour level gives her the edge when it comes to coaching. Her eye for the game is very tactical and thought out, which influences her coaching style as well as her long experience as a German indoor and beach volleyball player. So if you are keen on hitting the sand with us in the South, Sarah is your contact person number one!

Ask her about pokey shots and always giving 100%!



Head Coach Manly

Radim is the multi talented Czech Super Whiz Guy with an intense backgroud in football from his homeland Czech.  He has a passion for beach volleyball as much as he can throw himself around the beach volleyball court. His teaching skills and experience as a sports teacher are very valuable to beachvolleyball.com.au. Radim competes in beach volleyball at Manly and around Australia and shows his students that training to improve their beach volleyball game pays off.

Radim is a coach at Manly and works hard to keep his students learning while also helping behind the scenes so that the Manly and Northern Beaches location is the ultimate hot spot for beach volleyball in Australia.



Head Coach Manly

Alice is a World Junior Champion and as a professional in her peak spent many years competing on the FIVB World Tour, Australian and Asian Tour as well as competing on National tours around the world. Alice has represented the Australian national team in both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. Her cool, calm and collected demeanour and her unbelievable ability to make the sport look easy is impressive.

She definitly wins the award for the nicest coach on the beach and is well known for her tough warm ups and her never ending creativity for continous drills.

Ask her for tips on defense, hitting hard and jump serving... oh and how to train your 6th sense!



Head Coach Manly

Hannah travels from summer to summer by living 6 months in Sydney and 6 months in Sweden and has been part of our coaching team from the very beginning. As a player she has played many events on the Swedish and Australian Tour for more than 10 years and has played heaps of different tournaments internationally since she was a teenager pairing up with internationals and/or aussies.

Han regularly coaches oversees as well at weekend camps for different volleyball schools - therefore she is always on top of new strategies and tips from Europe. She is the queen of fun and demanding warm-ups at the Beach and is an expert for all skill levels.

We can't wait to have you back in summer!


Head Coach Manly

If you don’t know the name Becchara Palmer, do you even play beach volleyball?! Becchara competed on the world circuit, Australian National Tour and was a full time athlete for many years on the Australian National Team. She has a long list of achievements with a highlight of representing Australia at the London 2012 Olympics!

Recently moving from Adelaide to the Northern Beaches she brings lots of experience from her years of intense training and is very excited to share her knowledge with you all at the beach volleyball school. Becchara is a powerhouse player with big hits and amazing ball control, she is also really friendly so don’t be afraid to ask her some questions.

She has many tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals and is very willing to share them with you.


Head Coach Manly

Lucy brings her own mastery from her beach volleyball career into her coaching. Determined for her students to be the best they can, Lucy's approach to coaching is a serious one.  She likes to motivate her students with both well planned sessions that will include some inspiration from her own trainings and her education as a personal trainer. Lucia originally from Slovakia is making the most of her life on the beaches of Australia. After representing Slovakia in the national teams, she teamed up with Misa Vorlova to be a top competitor on the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour. Always bringing back good results to show her students.

Ask Lucy about timing, pokies and being an all round athlete in all areas of your life!



Head Coach Manly

Martine is a very experienced player and has been part of Sydney Beach Volleyball from the Beginning. She is very well travelled and has played beach volleyball on many beaches all over the world. Her love for beach volleyball has always been evident and strong since she has came onto the scene in Manly during the 90's. Her whole family can play beach volleyball and are sports lovers through and through. Martine is a coach that is determined to push her players so there is never a dull moment in this Aussie, Swiss French coaches sessions.

Ask her about what makes a good player and how to keep your body in shape for all seasons!



Head Coach Manly

David is our most stoked guy on the beach. He is a very experienced player and has been playing since the Sydney Beach Volleyball began. His repetoire goes deep and he has an amazing eye for reading the game and possibly the best 'Cut Shot' around.

At every opportunity King Dave will make beach volleyball the most fun and enjoyable thing in the world for his students. His enthusiasm and fun banter is infectious and spreads through his classes. And if you are lucky he may even join you in a match.

Ask him about attack shots (cutties) and reading the game!



Head Coach Manly

Born (England) where the sun doesn’t shine, miraculously Danny was able to conquer the game in the harsh wind, rain and cold! After moving to Manly, he now loves to train others to help them with their beach volleyball goals.

He’s very passionate on developing solid technique through dynamic and challenging drills, getting the beginners to love the sport, and the more advanced players to progress into A and AA level.





Head Coach Manly

Mat has been playing beach volleyball for more than 14 years now and competed at national tour level in Poland. He believes in a combination of encouraging players to put effort into understandind the game and always giving 100%. He started his coaching career at a beach academy called Proskos and coached at heaps of camps with them.






Head Coach Manly

Matteo just arrived in Sydney and is originally from Italy. He has lots of experience as an indoor and a beach player, with some impressive results on junior and senior level on a national level. Being part of the coaching team in one of the biggest beach volleyball schools in Italy helped him developing his coaching skills on top of being a great player. For him beach volleyball means sacrifice, effort, dedication and most importantly a lot of fun!

During his sessions he aims to improve the game of every player by creating constantly new challenges and keeping a high rhythm. His motto: Keep pushing and strive for becoming a better player.




Massimiliano Gubbiotti (Max)
Head Coach Manly

Another Italian! Max coaches indoor volleyball and beach volleyball and has coached in Italy at a national level. Here in Australia on top of being a coach for beachvolleyball.com.au he coaches at Sydney Grammar School and is the Head coach of the Utssu female team participating at the Australian Volleyball League.

He is a very smiley person who loves the beach lifestyle. Volleyball and beach volleyball have been his passion since he was little and his characteristic is to be focused on technique. He believes indeed that any person with with hard work can reach his/her dream while having fun.