Saturday League in Maroubra

Competitive, fun and social league for anyone who wants to play!
You will compete for 10-12weeks against other teams and fight for lifelong honour in Maroubra.

Only $400 (all inclusive package - just come down and play) - Plus $35 individual registration fee (anually) per person.

REMEMBER: League is included in our Membership!

Already know, you won't be available for one ot two weekends, no worries we provide a very flexible schedule where teams can request byes.

We run our league all year around with a spring, summer, autumn and winter season. Please have a look at the start dates below and highlight them in your calendar:

Keen to join? Just follow the link and register your team today!

Please find the current league schedule HERE!. (updated 23/9/2020 @ 15:53).