Our squads are divided into 6 different levels.

We would like to remind everyone, that we constantly work on ensuring that every player plays in the most suitable level possible. This can often chop and change, as different players improve at different rates, or come in with previous experience.

How do we grade players?

Continuous Assessment Process
We have designed a grading sheet, which provides a guideline of skills needed in each level. Most of our coaches are involved with different squads and therefore have a good feeling if a player is ready to move up or not (consistent with specific skills, usually the best one during the games). Once identified, WE will contact the player to move up, and offer a higher level of training. Ideally we would like the player to do a couple of sessions with different coaches, for reinforced feedback.

In case all your coaches give a “thumbs up” we will inform you and confirm your new level.

Do you feel confident in your skills, but you don’t feel motivated anymore in your current level? Please talk to your coach before or after a session and tell them what you feel and ask for feedback. We will try our best to be as specific as possible to guide you the way to the next level.

Coaches will say almost every time that consistent digging and setting are the most important on court skills. Good communication, and movement/agility are also highly emphasized.

Assessment Squads - Grading Day
As the second way we will host assessment squads over the year, to give a chance to players who want to be tested to move up a level. Two coaches will assess your skills level and your game play level and will inform you about their decision within 48h and will provide you with feedback. This is an opportunity to proof to your coaches that you deserve to be upgraded to the next level (not for players, who just moved a level up). In up to two hours we will test you in the following categories: fitness, coordination, setting, passing, spiking, serving & game play.


When Where What  
There are no upcoming times available at present.


Wrong process how to be re-graded

Please do not send an email to Michaela or Sarah (especially if they have not coached you recently). Grading is the job of your coaches (incl. Michaela and Sarah) but not their responsibility as the managers in Manly and Maroubra.


Please check the grading sheet with the skills and what is expected in each level.
Be patient and enjoy the game!