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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. COVID-19
  2. Sessions & Bookings
  3. Wet Weather
  4. Skill Level
  5. 6-Week Courses
  6. Course Fee & Insurance
  7. Cancellations & Missed Classes
  8. Transport & Location

1) Covid-19

are we allowed to play beach volleyball under the current NSW Government restrictions?

The Northern Beaches Council and Randwick Council have allowed Beachvolleyball.com.au to recommence our beach volleyball coaching activities at Manly Beach and at Maroubra Beach. To recommence, Beachvolleyball.com.au has put in place preventative measures such as reducing the incidence of contact as well as an increased hygiene protocol in line with the national principles for the resumption of sport and recreation activities by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in a COVID-19 environment.

Please see see the current NSW Government restrictions which apply for our activities below:

For community sporting activities that involve more than 20 participants, the organiser must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan.

  • Participants include players, people who are training, officials and spectators.
  • The maximum number of participants at a community sporting activity must not exceed 500 participants.
  • Record keeping for spectators must take place for all ticketed community sporting activities.

Please note:
Beach volleyball is a non-contact sport and we will design drills/activities with no deliberate body contact, however accidental contact or less than 1.5m distance may occur on a very rare basis. We will have cleaning protocols in place for equipment and facilities as well as hand hygiene (hand sanitizers) on entry and exit to the beach volleyball courts, as well as pre, post and during training.

All participants need to be responsible for their own safety and assess the risk they might put themselves in by participating in activities run by beachvolleyball.com.au.

By signing up to a session with us, you agree that:

  •     You do not have any flu or cold like symptoms
  •     You have not had contact with any person with flu or cold like symptoms
  •     You have not had any contact with nor am I waiting on any test results from a medical centre
  •     You did not travel internationally in past 14 days
  •     You understand you are responsible for your own hygiene during the classes and the risks involved participating


What can I do as a player to create a safe environment for myself and others?

Protocol for Players:
We will ask our players to follow the following rules:

  • Avoid close contact with others (including hand shakes with opponents/partners) and limit touching objects/surfaces
  • We will provide hand sanitizers next to each court and encourage players to use them regularly
  • We will encourage a “Get in, train and get out” mentality to limit time and person-to-person contact

Please remember:

It is important that we all act wisely in the public health interests of the broader community. Major participation sports like volleyball and beach volleyball are important to the social fabric of our society encouraging ongoing physical activity so vital for the ongoing mental and physical well being of us all.

It's up to all of us to do the right thing to stem the risk of infection. We are in this together and it everyone's responsibility to follow the rules enforced by the government and our COVID-19 Protocol to ensure we can keep hitting the sand :)

Stay safe and see you soon on the beach!
Your beachvolleyball.com.au team


2) Sessions & Bookings

What if I can not attend the session?

If you let us know 24hrs in advance you will not lose your credit and we will provide you with another opportunity to “make up” your class.

If you are a squad player you can withdraw from session online yourself 12 hrs before the start time.


How does the waitlist (stand bye) work?

If you want to book a squad, but is already full - you will get a notification that you can book a spot on the waitlist (stand bye) instead. If you confirm this action, credits will be charged from your account. In case you won't get a spot in the session as no one else is withdrawing your credits will get refunded automatically after the session finished.

Players can withdraw 12 hrs upfront the session, so please make sure to check the night before the session if you got a spot in the squad or not.

3) Wet Weather

What happens if I think it might be raining?

If you are unsure whether the classes will be canceled due to bad weather, it is important that you check our Facebook page (Manly or Maroubra) or call 1300-865 539 to find out. Please don't just decide not to turn up!


When classes are cancelled we will post a notice on our news feed on Facebook(Manly or Maroubra) and to our website beachvolleyball.com.au.


We monitor the weather radar on the Internet to check the intensity and likely path of any incoming rain. As a guide, if the rain is intermittent and not too heavy we will continue with the classes - once you are warm you won't even notice it!

If the radar shows heavy conditions, then we will most likely cancel, especially if there are thunderstorm conditions, which could pose a danger to players and staff.

When will canceled classes be rescheduled?

Any classes for beginner courses that need to be rescheduled will be scheduled for Week 7. Please pencil this into your diary just in case. Squad sessions will be cancelled and you will not lose your credit.

4) Skill Level

We do our best to create an environment where the players within the group are of similar level. This is of course not always possible, we ask everyone to please be supportive of players who have a lower ability, on the flip side players finding themselves training with a player(s) of a higher level is a great learning opportunity.

Please check out further information on grading here.


I have experience, what level do I join?

Contact us via email with a summary of your experience and we can make an initial assessment of what would be the appropriate level for you.

We can further provide you with a free trial for one of our squads during which the coach will advise the best level for you.

I played indoor volleyball at school ages ago. Which course should I do?

We recommend that anyone who has not played volleyball in the past 5 years do a Beginner 1 course to get used to moving around on the sand and learn the skills applicable to beach volleyball.

If it turns out that your skill level is too high for this course we will promote you to Beginner 2 or Intermediate. We prefer this over having to 'demote' you to a lower level :-(

I have completed the Beginner 1 Course. What is the next step?

The natural progression through our classes is as follows:

  • Beginner 1

  • Beginner 2

  • Squads (F⇒E⇒D⇒C⇒B⇒A)


A general guide to the skills acquired after each course is as follows:

Completed Course


Beginner 1

  • Rules of 4-a-side

  • Underarm serve

  • Receive the ball

  • Basic setting

  • Basic attack & defence

  • Maintain rally


Beginner 2

  • Rules of 4-a-side

  • Over-arm Serve

  • Shots

  • Use of different tools (pokey/tomahawk)

  • Dig, set and spike in the rally



  • Competent 2-a-side players

  • Offence & Defence strategies

  • Tactical play

  • 6 levels of squads



Please note that this is a general guide only and not a guarantee. What you learn in a course depends on the overall level of all participants and your own athletic ability.


5) 6-Week Course FAQs

What risk do I take when participating in Beach Volleyball Classes?

I acknowledge that I/my child will be exposed to all the normal risks associated with participation in this competition/class.

I understand that beach volleyball is a physically demanding sport where injuries can occur and; I agree that I will indemnify Beachvolleyball Pty Ltd, Manly Council, Randwick Rockdale Council and all of their respective employees, contractors and agents against all claims, demands, actions and liabilities arising from my/child's participation in this activity.

How does the registration process work?

You will secure a spot in our classes by registering and paying before the start date of the course. You can register and pay online in a few easy steps (See 'How do I register online for classes?' below).

How old do I have to be to register?

Juniors: 6-16 yrs

Adults: Over 16 yrs ... and there is no maximum age!

How do I register online for classes?

You can register online for our classes by following these steps:


What do I have to wear/bring to the class?

It's best if you wear loose-fitting clothing - what you would normally wear when you play sports. And no shoes of course!

Please bring a hat and sunglasses (especially in summer!)and a water bottle. And remember to apply sunscreen at least 20mins before the class starts.

Sydney Beach Volleyball promotes being sun-smart and always encourages its customers and staff to apply sunscreen at all times before classes. SLIP, SLAP, SLOP!

6) Course Fees & Insurance

How much does it cost for a course*?

Our course fees are as follows:


  • 6-week course (1.5hrs per week) - $198

*Fees as at 1 January 2018.

Am I insured as a player?

No. You play at your own risk. It is, however, your responsibility to have your own personal injury or income protection insurance.

Do I need my own insurance?

We recommend you have your own personal health insurance cover in the case of injury. Injuries can happen during participation in a sport such as beach volleyball.

Why do I have to pay up-front?

Your fees are due before the start of the course. By paying up-front you confirm your booking. If you don't pay up-front and show up on the day you may find that the class is full.

How do I pay for my course?

You can pay your fees in the following ways:

  • Online with your credit card on our website.

  • Transfer the money via online banking. Please call our office on 1300-VOLLEY (1300- 865 539) or send an email for our bank account details.


7) Cancellations & Missed Classes

What if I am suddenly away or unable to complete the course or session?

If you are unable to complete the course due to an event beyond your control, you will receive a credit towards the next course at the value of the number of classes you will miss.

For example: You have twisted your knee while skiing and will be out of action for the next 3 weeks of the course. This means that you will receive a 3-week credit.

Please call us on 1300-VOLLEY (1300-865 539) to arrange this.

I would really like to sign up for the course but I know I will be away some weekends. Do I have to pay for the full course?

Yes, but you do receive credits for the classes that you miss. Which means you can redo the missed classes at another time, within the next term. The weekend that you are away, might rain out (let's hope not!), so you might not miss out on any classes anyway. We are usually flexible on finding classes for you, please call us on 1300-VOLLEY (1300- 865 539) to arrange this.

If you know you're going to be away for 3 or more classes, we recommend you register for the next course.

What is your refund policy?

If you have paid for the course and change your mind, you cannot get a refund.



8) Transport & Location

Where are the Beach Volleyball School venues?

Our Manly venue is on Manly Beach, along North Steyne, opposite the Manly Pacific Hotel.

Our Maroubra venue is located on Maroubra Beach at the south end, closest parking is Bernie Kelley Drive.

To view a map and/or directions go to google maps.

Manly: Manly Beach Volleyball Courts, 60 N Steyne, Manly NSW 2095

Maroubra: Maroubra Beach, New South Wales 2035, -33.952847, 151.256968

Is there any parking?

Manly: There is metered parking at the beach and limited 2hr-parking in the back streets. There are also various Council Car Parks.

Maroubra: Free parking

Do I use public transport, which buses can I catch to get there?

There are a number of ferries & buses that service the Manly area and buses that service the Brighton le Sands area.

Your best bet (after calling your classmates for a lift) is to call the Transport Infoline on 131 500 or search the Transport Infoline website and use the Trip Planner feature to find your way.