Covid Update: We are open at Manly Beach for 1 on 1 sessions for non-vaccinated people and 1 on 4 sessions for fully vaccinated people. The venue in Maroubra is currently closed.

Week May 4th - Workouts and Activity Tracker

3 May 2020 7:25 PMMaroubra

We will prepare a weekly workout plan for you including a handy activity tracker to stay organized and motivated throughout your online journey with us.

Week 4 for our online coaching, we hope you like tge content, keep it up!

One really important thing for us, please share any feedback, ideas etc. with us. This project is new for us as well and we are still learning, so please help us as much as you can by sharing your experience with us or with others.


Our full body workout plan
In the section we will update a weekly activity tracker which includes 3 full body workouts as well. We recommend doing them with at least one rest day in between as they are pretty challenging - especially the Saturday one - which is supposed to be in the sand or on grass.

We all know, that being fit and dynamic on the court can make the difference, so let's use this (long) off-season to get as fit as we can. For this reason we designed a bodyweight program, so no equipment required. The first weeks are concentrating on building up a bit of strength and cardio through HIT workouts.

So let's have fun and all do it together as a community!


This week's activity tracker


See you on the sand!

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