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Video Analysis: SA Open (Sarah/Lucy vs Sandra/Christie) - Game flow point by point

24 Apr 2020 5:55 PMMaroubra

In our "Video Analysis" section we will talk you through different games, highlight videos or training videos from our players.

In this first video, we will analyze the first part of the second set from this year's SA Open Semi Final 2020, where Sarah and Lucy played against Sandra Ittlinger from Germany (a top 25 world tour player) and Christie Jenkins (Top 5 player in Australia).

The idea behind this video is to talk you through the first part of the game, point by point while sharing as much information as possible about what's happening on the court, some topics we will discuss are:

  • Where is the wind coming from and how did it affect the game
  • Where are the favorite attacking zones of the players
  • Different skill sets, different playing styles
  • etc.

Have fun watching and stay tuned for the second part, which will concentrate on defense - see you on the sand!


Video Analysis: SA Open


See you on the sand!

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