Covid Update: We are open at Manly Beach for 1 on 1 sessions for non-vaccinated people and 1 on 4 sessions for fully vaccinated people. The venue in Maroubra is currently closed.

Coaches WODs

30 Mar 2020 9:49 AMMaroubra

7-Min Morning Workout Videos to follow step-by-step

Check out our Morning Routines as part of our Online Coaching Program. You can do all these workouts without any equipment and they are a great start of the day to wake up fresh and ready for the upcoming challenges. It's totally up to you if you do them inside or outside. The work outs are also great as a warm up for a big work out. Let us know which one you like most ;)

Enjoy and see you on the sand!


Day 1: Morning Routine Gregor


Day 2: Morning Routine Sarah
Day 3: Morning Routine Alice
Day 4: Morning Routine Misa
Day 5: Morning Routine Han
Day 6: Morning Routine Lucy
Day 7: Morning Routine Martine


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