Wet Weather Policy

What happens if I think it might be raining?

If you are unsure whether the classes or league will be cancelled due to bad weather, On the morning of your class or league it is important that you check our homepage www.beachvolleyball.com.au or facebook page or call 1300-865-539 to check if it has indeed been cancelled. Please don't just decide not to turn up!

It is our policy to cancel ALL classes and leagues in the morning for the entire day! This allows you to re-organise you day without having to worry about what the weather is doing, It also means if if does clear up for the afternoon you class will still be cancelled.

When classes are cancelled we will post a news feed on Facebook, Twitter AND  a message on our answering machine to let you know at least one hour before your class starts. If there is no such message and if you only get our normal answer machine, then the class is on!

We monitor the weather radar on the Internet to check the intensity and likely path of any incoming rain. As a guide, if the rain is intermittent and not too heavy we will continue with the classes - once you are warm you won't even notice it!

If the radar shows heavy conditions, then we will most likely cancel, especially if there are thunder storm conditions, which could pose a danger to players and staff. 
However, please call or check the website before you leave home or work to confirm.

When will cancelled classes be re-scheduled?

Any classes that need to be re-scheduled will be scheduled for Week 7. Please pencil this into your diary just in case.