Course Descriptions

Beginner 1

1.5 hrs per week, 6 weeks. We teach you all the skills for 45 minutes and then you get to put into practice what you’ve learned in some informal, friendly and competitive games. This is our most popular course! Great way to make new friends! You will have the tools to be able to play in a social comp after this course. No previous volleyball experience necessary (if you haven't played for 10 years or so please do this course). 

Beginner 2

If you have played organised volleyball previously (1-2 years) or have completed Beginner 1 course. Will start out as 4-a-side and aims to get you to play 2 a-side by the end of the course. If you are not sure about your ability please register for Beginner 1 (we can always promote you!)


Beginner Mix

Sometimes it's hard to distinguish the difference between Beginner 2 and Intermediate, that's why we are offering this Beginner Mix, which is a mix between Beginner 2 and Intermediate. 



Focuses on 2x2 Beach Volleyball. With all the tips, tricks and tactics you need to play basic 2-a-side games. Should have 1-2 years previous experience, or finished both Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 courses. Please note that sometimes it can be a good idea to do Beginner 2/Intermediate courses twice. No two courses are the same!


6-8 players only for 1.5 hours of intense 2x2 skill repetition training. Less people = harder work-out and more ball touches. Best way to accelerate your improvement. Must have completed up to intermediate level courses (or be able to convince us that you are of equivalent ability) This is not a course. Trainings are every week and ongoing till you think you are good enough! Most squads sign up for 10 weeks minimum.


For under 16 year olds. Get them started on the right track with good technique instruction.....oh, and we are big on the fitness part of the sport as well!